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Morgan, the RV Dog

I'm Morgan, a Golden Retriever, I live with Dale, Gwen and Cousin Annie (the cat). It's spring, 2005 so that makes me 4-1/2 years old. I love recreational vehicle travel, campgrounds and hiking. I first traveled in an Aerolite Seven travel trailer which was a little cramped but I put up with the small space because it was much bigger than a dog house. I never have to sleep outside no matter how crowded it gets. The new King of the Road fifth wheel is great. I'm no longer crowded. At first Gwen made me sleep in the living room but Dale and I convinced her to let me sleep in the bedroom. I always know when Dale must get up in the middle of the night and get out of the way because I know he can't see anything. In the morning, when the sun is up, I don't have to move because I know I'm Morgan, I love recreational vehicle travel and camping
Throw anything, even a stick and I'll go get it for you.

Dale can see me.

When I'm at the campground there is always a lot of hiking and sniffing to do. There are so many great smells and creatures to investigate plus all the new people who want to pet me and their dogs who want to sniff me. I have a special place to lay next to the fifth wheel where I can

  stay dry and warm when Dale and Gwen are at work. Lately, cousin Annie has been sharing my outside bed with me. That's OK because she sometimes brings interesting creatures Me and my cousing Annie
Dale's office is just next to the restrooms. That means everyone greets me about twice each day.

for me to investigate.

One new thing about camping at the resort is there are days when it is really cold that Dale takes me to his office. I stay right by his open door so that everyone going by sees me. Some are grouchy and don't say anything to me but most are really friendly and talk to me. A couple even get on the floor and hug me, maybe they need a hug too. Everyone is learning my name and looks for me. I know they are sad when I stay home at the resort. Before we moved to


the resort, it was rare that Dale took me to work because I had my own backyard.

I've been traveling since I was a puppy so I love to ride in the car or the truck. I like the truck much better because my bed fits in the back seat. The car is OK but the seats are leather and slippery, I don't like "slippery".

Another big change from living in Grants Pass is the amount of exercise I've been getting. Both Dale

This window is great but I hate these leather seats.
  Is Dale lost? No just watering that tree. and Gwen have been taking me on long hikes. They walk down the path but I always scout both sides of the path so I bet I do twice the amount of hiking they do. I don't understand why they are always so tired when we get back to the trailer. Dale also takes me along when he goes mountain biking. I get in some great runs when he's going downhill but get to do more scouting when he's climbing up hill. I hope he gets in better shape soon so he can keep up with me as I race along the trail. I love the little creeks we come to. I always lay in the creek to cool off (I don't care if they are muddy). I hope these creeks last all season. After a long run, I'm always hungry and thirsty so I eat all the great Nutro Dog food they give me.
Cooling off after an 8 mile run
  I love toys. Dale and Gwen always buy me dog toys every chance they get. The one in my mouth was actually a reindeer hand puppet that was a Christmas left over and on-sale for about $2. It's fun. The colorful toy with all the knobs is my favorite. I often gather my toys on my bed and sleep with them. I love toys!
Dale uses the Chuk-it to throw the ball for me - Toys, Treats and Gifts for your pet
I love to swim and chase balls at the same time More than anything else, I love to swim. Just throw anything into the water and I'll bring it back to you. I especially like the Chuckit Retriever Toy that Gwen and Dale use to throw the ball. When they use it, they can throw the ball 100 yards or more. I love to swim that far to get the ball. Of course I will retrieve any time you throw something on land too, but swimming is sooo much more fun. I know something Dale and Gwen think is a secret. I'm often laying in mud puddles especially during a long bike ride and I can get to be a muddy mess. So here's the secret: Gwen and Dale take me to the lake and throw the ball where I go swimming and climb out of the water onto gravel (not mud). That way I'm all clean and have fun too. It's much more fun than getting hosed off back at the trailer. But, I usually get to visit the hair stylist (some people call them a dog groomer) at least once each month.
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