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Annie; the Fulltime RV Cat

I'm Annie, the cat. I live with Gwen, Dale and Cousin Morgan, the Golden Retriever. I am really enjoying this experiment with full time RV living. I especially like all the other trailers, motorhomes, campers, fifth wheels and tents. There is much to explore at this campground. I can remember back in Grants Pass that Gwen was talking about keeping me in the trailer. This trailer is like a big play house to me but still, I'm not about to stay shut up in the trailer when I can be exploring the other campers in the campground. In fact, the photo to the right is a great picture of me sitting on the arm of the recliner nearest the door. I'm just waiting for someone to open it so I can get out and go exploring. It is spring of 2005 so I've been living with Gwen and Dale for about 1.5 years, when I was a kitten. They got me from the college science teacher I'm waiting by the fifth wheel door
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who found me abandoned on their street. Gwen wanted a cat so Dale made arrangements to have me live with them.

I had my own cat door in Grants Pass so I could go outside during the day anytime (Gwen won't let me go out at night). There are times I just sit and stare outside watching for any movement on the ground like I'm doing in the photo at the left. I'm really proud of the

things I can catch. Gwen used to lock the cat door in Grants Pass because I would catch and bring birds into the house. I've also caught mice.

I got to go outside at the resort the first day at camp. Gwen just couldn't keep me in. She didn't realize I knew right where she lived and especially where my best friend Morgan lived so I would return when I got tired of exploring and hunting. The first week I caught a chipmunk but Gwen saw me and shook me until I let it go. I hissed and growled at her but she didn't care, she still made me let it go. I think that chipmunk told all it's

Perfect access to the fifth wheel basement
  I can fly around the trailer on top of the windows

friends to watch out for me because I haven't caught one since that week.

Dale got this great idea. He took one of the furnace vent covers off which was located below the kitchen cabinets. I naturally explored this new hole and found I could get into the basement of the fifth wheel. Dale put my litterbox and food in the fifth wheel basement so I can get at them anytime I want and they don't make a mess in the trailer. They even used to leave the front hatch open so I could come and go anytime I wanted but a darn chipmunk ruined that. I wasn't even at home at the time but Gwen thinks the chipmunk followed the smell of my food into the basement then came right on into my trailer. Boy! If I had been home, I would have taken care of that chipmunk fast! Instead, Gwen chased the chipmunk around the house with a broom. Around and around they went until the chipmunk ran inside the


recliner chair by the door and wouldn't come out. Gwen picked up the whole recliner and tossed it out the door. What a funny site that was when I got home seeing the recliner up-side-down on the trailer steps. Darn! The chipmunk was gone by the time I got home.

One day Dale opened a hatch to find that it was about 100 degrees in the basement. He soon found a furnace hose had come loose and all that nice warm air was blowing into the basement. It didn't take him long to fix it. I think he thought I did it but he didn't even yell at me or anything. I think I'll try to be more careful as I climb around in the basement.

Gwen tries to spray me to keep me off the bed, I'm too fast for that
  Watching for any movement. This trailer has 8 foot ceilings but I can climb to any place in the trailer using the window valences to walk on. When I'm cooped up too long and can fly around the inside of the trailer like superman. Dale thinks I can even walk on the ceiling like Spiderman.

I like to join Dale and Gwen on their bed when they are sleeping. They don't seem to like that. Gwen keeps this spray bottle next to her side of the bed and tries to spray me with it but I'm soooo fast that she can't even touch that bottle before I'm off the bed. I'm pretty tricky though. I just wait until they are asleep and carefully crawl onto the foot of their bed. I must be really careful to not wake Gwen, I'm sure to get squirted if I do.

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