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Jackson's RV visit continues; Sunday, June 5, 2005

Morgan and I wrestle with a stick; Morgan gives up.
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As it turns out the weather on Sunday, June 5 was not the greatest. If you want to check the weather statistics for that day, click here. We had a lazy morning where Gwen had to work but Dale fixed wonderful waffles for Mindy in his trailer. I was able to continue to play with Morgan. Since the weather was bad, it was decided that today would be a good day to visit Ashland which is only 30 minutes from the resort. Morgan and I got to stay home inside the nice warm fifth wheel while Gwen, Dale and Mindy went on the trip. This is what I learned from them on their return.

Mindy had not visited Ashland before so they started by visiting one of the best parks in Oregon, Lithia Park. There are water fowl, landscaping, ball parks, playgrounds and lots of hiking in Lithia Park. The photo at the right shows Gwen and Mindy on the edge of Ashland Creek which pass through Lithia Park.

Mindy and Gwen enjoying Ashland  Creek in Ashland
Mindy and Gwen exploring an outdoor market in Ashland One of the features along the creek is an outdoor shopping area where local crafts people sell their goods. Since the weather was not the greatest, not many vendors were in the shopping area but Mindy found one where she could experiment with a bowl.

Since the weather wasn't improving, the three tourists decided this was a great afternoon for a movie. Mindy likes Adam Sandler so they chose to see "The Longest Yard". Gwen and Mindy enjoyed the movie but Dale thought it was only "cute".

Meanwhile back at the trailer, Morgan and I were having fun. Dale and Mindy had put the cat food onto the counter thinking it would be too high for me to get to. That didn't stop me from finding it and I ate it all. I sure love that cat food. It tastes much better than what Ben and Kim feed me.

Dale and Mindy purchase movie tickets
Pizza at a sports theme parlor in Ashland After the movie the three theater-goers were hungry. They found a sports-theme pizza parlor near the theater. They have sports pictures glued to the walls. I didn't get any of the pizza but they said it was sure good and Dale had enough left over
  for his lunch on Tuesday. When the three tourists arrived back at the fifth wheel and took Morgan and I for a walk we were all pretty tired. Mindy and I headed back to our schooner. Morgan stayed with Dale and Gwen in the fifth wheel.
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