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Jackson's RV visit continues; Monday, June 6, 2005

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As I tell you about day three of my visit, I'll start by saying the HIGH temperature for today was 32°F. Second, the first three photos were taken with a $3 one-time-use camera because Dale won't bring his digital camera onto the kayak.

Mindy and Dale decide they will not let the weather stop them from having fun. Anyway, Dale always says that winter kayaking is more fun than

Dale and Mindy are ready for kayaking in winter weather
Mindy is in the kayak on the water while Dale gets his kayak into position.
  Ready to paddle summer kayaking because you don't get too hot. Mindy looks like she is smiling in the above photo but I think her teeth are chattering. Dale and Mindy are dressed in all the finest winter kayak gear including wetsuits. Mindy only complained of cold fingers and fortunately neither paddler tipped over in this cold lake. It was snowing lightly the whole time they were in the kayaks.
In the afternoon, it was time to take Morgan and I for a hike on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). If you are not familiar with the PCT, it is a premier hiking trail spanning from Canada to Mexico along the ridge of the Cascade and Sierra Nevada Mountains. It At the Pacific Crest Trailhead
  Pilot rock is only 12 miles passes through this resort area. Dale, Mindy, Morgan and I hiked south on the trail toward Pilot Rock. You can see the snow is still falling in the photo above. Morgan has a nice warm coat of fur but my fur is short so I was getting cold.
That's why Mindy is hugging me. If Ben and Kim knew I was in this weather without a Dog Coat, Mindy and Dale would get a scolding from them. Anyway, I was OK as long as we were moving but if we stopped hiking I began to shiver. This hike didn't last very long anyway because Dale and Mindy dressed for the weather except for their shoes. All the rain water and drips from the grass would run down their rain-proof pants right into their shoes. They only walked a Hiking in the clouds
  We are dry except for our feet.

short way before their feet were soaked with water through shoes and socks. Dale was not happy because his shoes were advertised as "water-proof" but the water still soaked his feet. Well, at least we could say we hiked the PCT.

Gwen is a game player, Dale is not. Several months ago Dale bought Chicken Coop Dominos as a gift for his parents but made the mistake of opening the game and playing one night

with Gwen. It was fast and really fun. Dale joked on the way home from hiking with Mindy that she had survived everything but "Chicken Coop Dominos". That was enough to get her interested so after dinner that evening they all played the Can any survive Chicken Coop Dominos?
game. I heard lots of laughing and shouting during the game. Gwen was too good at game playing. She beat both Dale and Mindy by a lot. This was our last night at the resort. Dale said good-bye tonight because he needed to be to work early while Mindy and I had breakfast at the resort cafe Tuesday morning with Gwen. What a wonderful three days. I hope I get to return soon, I miss Morgan already.
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Gwen and I discovered Chicken Coop Dominos several month ago. I'm NOT a game person but this game is really fun.
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