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Mindy and I Visit the Fulltime RV Experiment
by Jackson


Hello, I am Jackson, a Vizsla puppy visiting Dale and Gwen during their fulltime RV experiment. I'm visiting with Mindy, Dale's daughter. I don't belong to Mindy, my masters are Ben, Mindy's brother and Kim, Ben's master. Mindy is dog-sitting for me while Ben and Kim are in Chicago. This is my second time to be with Dale and Gwen. Now that I am four months old, I can do many more things than I could during my first visit. My story will tell you about all the things I did during the three days I visited in June, 2005. Even though Ben and Kim are my masters, I love Mindy. She only has to call my name once and I turn to see what she wants or I scramble back to be at her side. She takes great care of me while Ben is away and I love doing everything with her.

Saturday, June 4, 2005: I love to visit at the RV resort because Morgan

I'm Jackson a Vizsla puppy
Click to learn What's New at RVeCafe Morgan loves to hold hands with Mindy

lives here. Morgan and I play and run together. Morgan always greets visitors with a hand shake and prefers to sit and hold your hand while visiting. Mindy likes Morgan too but not as much as she likes me.

Meeting Annie, Morgan's cat, was a little strange. I don't live with a cat and don't even have a cat friend. Annie did not like me at first maybe because I sat in her favorite chair. She would come close enough to sniff me then she would try to whack me with her paw.

I think I'm sitting in Annie's favorite chair, maybe that's why she treats me like a DOG!
  Dale, Mindy and I are being served breakfast by Linda at the resort restaurant.

By the end of the weekend we were getting along.

For breakfast Saturday morning we all went to the resort cafe where we sat outside so I could sit at the table too. Gwen was working this morning so she could only visit occasionally. In the photo at the left Linda, one of the best waitresses, was taking


our order. Morgan promised to take me mountain biking after breakfast.

Morgan has a favorite mountain bike ride and this is where it starts, on a gravel road but that soon

This is where Morgan begins mountain biking. I learned a lot about mountain biking today.
I always like to be in the front, you know what they say, "If you aren't the lead dog, the view never changes".

changes to dirt. I was a little concerned at the start if I could keep up with Morgan but Dale kept saying how strong I looked and how long my legs were. I'd never noticed I was any different from Morgan, Dale or Mindy. I thought we were all part of the same pack. At the end of this ride, I actually finished ahead of Morgan. I remember Dale saying that my breed of dog must have been bread for endurance. I don't know what he meant by that. I just know I felt really good at the end of the ride.

Mindy had not brought her bike so she rode Gwen's bike. It was a little big for

Outdoor 10

her but she had no problem keeping up with me and Morgan.

Our ride was part of Morgan's usual ride with some new roads and two creeks. If you want to compare this ride to Morgan's just click here for Morgan's map. You can see that we followed the contour lines so our ride was nearly level. There was some pretty good climbing to start the ride but that gave Morgan and I a chance to explore the woods while Mindy and old man Dale struggled up the hill. I think Morgan picked this route to be sure Mindy and I had a good ride with little climbing or steep downhill runs. She was right, I really enjoyed this ride and Mindy kept saying how much

We did an 8 mile portion of Morgan's usual ride.
  Morgan shared her cool pooch with me, Mindy loves this thing and so do I.

better this ride was than the one Ben and Kim took her on where they had to walk their bikes much of the time.

Morgan has a "cool pooch" water bottle. I really liked this water bottle. There were a few mud puddles where Morgan would lay and sip the water, but NOT ME, that was nasty mud water. Mindy loved this bottle too because it did not leak and on short rides or hikes she could drink this water too since my lips did not touch the straw. She

doesn't have to worry about "backwash", whatever that is.

After returning back to Dale's trailer Mindy and I decided to take a nap. I didn't know it at the time but Mindy had evening plans to go to a play at the community college in Medford. That's why she needed a nap. I really didn't need a nap but I love it when Mindy lets me sleep in her arms.

Mindy and I were exhausted after our bike ride.
  Mindy, Dale and Gwen went to the "Comedy of Errors" on Saturday night.
  Dale, Gwen and Mindy drove to Medford to see William Shakespeare's Comedy of Errors. They really enjoyed the play, especially Dromio of Syracuse and Dromio of Ephesus. All the students in the play did a great job. It must have taken a great deal of practice to remember all the lines in the play especially when those lines are in 3500 year old English (in dog years). They told me how funny it was when strange things happened because of mistaken identity. That wouldn't happen to me because I know who you are by your odor.
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