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RVeCafe Introduction

Welcome to RVeCafe. I'm Dale, along with my wife Gwen, we have created an RV information site with a "cafe" atmosphere. A place where a variety of topics are discussed.

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If you are looking for a "blog" of daily happenings, you will find that at "What's New". Since we make changes to our Website daily, you can easily find those changes by adding "What's New" to your bookmarks.

Note: "What's New" ending in mid-June, 2009 when I retired and was able to travel. To catch up to what's happening currently, click here.

I want this Website to be much more than a "blog". So I've created topic headings for our trips, RV Accessories, RV Repairs and Maintenance, our RV friends and their Websites, companies where we like to buy RV products and RV entertainment.

Our full time RV experiment is one of our most read topics. Clicking on the experiment above will take you directly to page 1 of the 2005 experiment, clicking on 2006 will take you to page 1 of the 2006 experiment. and will lead you to many more pages of information about what we are doing. By 2007, our RV adventure is no longer an experiment. What's happening currently, click here.

Finally, if you want to see an overview of the whole site and an easy way to get from one topic to another try our site map. If you want to know what has happened since June, 2009, try THIS site map.

I hope you look at your "cafe" experience as one of adventure ... where searching and reading our pages will excite you about RV happenings and living. Please enjoy yourself and email us when you get the chance.

Thanks for visiting.

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