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George shares his daily adventures on the Internet. We found George!

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George travels around the country in a Class C motorhome. He never camps in a campground but finds a place to "dry camp" or "boondock" and shares his story daily on his Webpages. He has a unique way of viewing life and sharing his story and I have learned a lot from him. In the photo you can see his "Datastorm"
Internet satelite dish on the roof of "Ms. Tioga". If you wish to read about George and his adventure, click the photo to visit his Webpages. Please tell George you heard about him from me at

There are many people who RV full or part time and love to tell the story
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of their adventure by publishing to the Internet. But how do you find all these stories and adventures? Ron and Terry publish a wonderful Website directory to many of the RV adventures published by folks just like you and me. Try it, you may find just the encouragement you need to help make the fulltime RV lifestyle your own.

Outdoor 10
Fran and Steve are fulltime RV campers. They have an interesting Website where you'll find all kinds of RV stuff. Fran and Steve are published authors in RV Companion Magazine. Here is their invitation Fran and Steve
to you, "Our full time house is an RV and our home is where we park our house! Our home base is Yuba City in North California. When in Yuba City we stay at Travelhome RV Park so be sure to say hello if you stop by for a stay."

Malia of MaliasMiles On Saturday, July 16, 2005, Gwen and I drove to Prospect, Oregon to visit with Malia of MaliasMiles. Malia is a writer and has published a short article about satellite Internet. That happens to be a topic that Gwen and I are very interested in. We first learned about mobile satellite Internet from George. I had many questions about the service after attending a couple of seminars at the Great North American RV Rally. Prospect is only 1.5 hours north of our resort on mountain roads and made for a nice Saturday drive. It was very pleasant visiting with Malia. She answered all our questions and gave us the confidence to continue our research. RVers are always so helpful.

September 28, 2005: I met Claudia as an exhibitor at a health fair in downtown Medford. Larry and Claudia reside in Ashland, Oregon. I learned from Claudia that she is a photographer. I talked her into sharing some of her most recent photos with me which she allowed me to share with you. I love meeting new friends, I almost always learn something new. In this case, I've learned more about photography. Larry and Claudia

Travel Library
I have found the Travel Library useful to provide interesting things to do while visiting areas I know nothing about. What makes it most unique is that local viewers have written "travelogues" of their local
area often telling of things to do which are only known by locals. This is what Gwen and I prefer to do rather than the more commercial tourist sites.

Tucson Visit Tucson, Arizona on Sunday, November 6, our last day of the Kings on the Road RV Club Rally. Dave and Ruth Anne are on the right. Dave is the club President. Ruth Anne and Dave were our hosts for three days. We didn't have the time to drive to Arizona so we flew and spent two nights and three days at the Rally. Dave and Ruth Anne invited us to stay with them in their beautiful King on the Road fifth wheel. Even though we missed much of the rally it was the most fun we have had in a long time.

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