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Dale's Parents Visit July 8-11, 2005
Part 2

On Friday we chose to rent a little "Prairie Belle" to sight-see Howard Prairie Lake rather than sail in Pepper. When I say "rent", the management at Howard Prairie Resort treat their employees very well and allowed us the use of the "cruiser" Dan delivers our cruiser
Click to see What's New at RVeCafe The parent are careful walking down the steep marina ramp

without charge. As you can see, the boat is best for fishing but we still had fun finding the best sight-seeing seats.

The aluminum marina ramp is quite steep so Dale and Doris held on to the rails as they hiked down the ramp.

  Aboard our rented cruiser
  Doris wanted "floating lessons" from Dan before leaving the dock. Mom gets floating instructions from Dan
Gwen is captain Gwen became the first boat captain guiding the boat out of the marina area. I tried to spread the weight of the four people onboard to level the boat in the water.
  The wind blew through the cabin as Gwen piloted the boat around the lake. Gwen is still captain so Mom feels safe
  Note the USS Amesbury cap My simply enjoyed everything during the tour, especially the wildlife. Note the USS Amesbury cap my Father is wearing. That's the name of the World War II, Destroyer Escort he was assigned to as a young Navy man. He has been attending the reunions nearly every year and plans to attend again this October.
The lake has its share of pelicans. This is about as close as they would allow before taking flight. Howard Prairie Lake Pelicans
We got too close
  Finally, I get to captain I was finally allowed to pilot the boat so Gwen could take some photos of her own. This was not nearly as technical as Pepper.
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