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A Sailboat at the RV Resort
Part 1: Putting the Boat in the Water

  Jack and Carole loan us a sailboat
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Jack and Carole visited us during the Independence Day weekend. They brought us a sailboat to use for the rest of the summer. The sailboat was acquired by them yet they know nothing about sailing. I've owned Don't forget to put the wind indicator on top of the mast before raising it.
Walk the mast back so the base of the mast is at the mast plate
  two sailboats of exactly this same size but the last one was sold in 1990. Sailing is like riding a bicycle, right? You never forget how. That may be the case but I sure forgot what many of the sailing gadgets are called.
  Attach the base of the mast to the mast plate
  Raise the mast We didn't forget to put the wind indicator on top of the mast before raising the mast. That's a good start. We walked the mast back to the mast plate and bolted the base of the mast to the mast plate. We got under the mast and pushed it forward after double checking the back and side stays (cables).
  Jack pushed as hard as he could but I couldn't get the fore-stay connected ... I needed more cable. Keep pushing Jack, I need more cable
Let's both push while Gwen connects the fore-stay Gwen helped while both Jack and I pushed. Success, Gwen got it connected. But I heard, "Dale, We've got a problem".
The left stay has slipped The left side doesn't look like the right side. The left side-stay has come loose. It should look like this

We had to bring down the mast to make the repair. But look how much practice we got in raising and lowering the mast. The last time, I raised the mast part way and passed it off to Jack. No problem, up it went and I was able to re-connect the fore-stay without Gwen's help. We are experts now!

The boom goes on next.

Mount the boom
  Lift the motor to the mount Then the Honda out-board engine.
  Let's gather up the gear and get ready to launch. Let's launch
Back to the ramp We've backed to the ramp.

Set the wheel chocks. This trailer is equipped with a 13 foot extendable tongue. We could try the method I saw earlier, but lets try the extended tongue first.

The tongue extension won't budge.

Chock the wheels
  Pull out the extendable tongue We connected a rope and pulled it out with Jack's van. It worked.
  There it is, let's bolt it and hitch it. Bolt and hitch the extended tongue
  Don't let go of the boat nor drop those pretzels Carole is ready, don't drop those pretzels Carole.
  Let's get this boat in the water
  Back farther, Jack Keep coming Jack, we need more water under this boat.
  "Dale, I'm afraid to get my tailpipe under the water". The wheel is in deep, Dale
  You've got to come back farther, Jack "Jack, you're going to have to give me another foot or this boat won't float!"
  It floats!
  You did it, Jack. Good job. Now get this trailer out of here and let's go sailing. Park the trailer and let's go sailing
Hoist the main sail

Now just put those little mainsail tabs into the mast slot while I pull on the mail halyard.

Now we connect the down-haul.

  Attach the downhaul
Captain Jack and First Mate Carole are sailing. The pretzels are dry too. Carole has faith in Jack even though she is wearing a life jacket. We'll have more on-board sailing photos on some future page. Captain Jack and First Mate Carole
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