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Howard Prairie Lake Resort
2007 Season in our RV
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Morgan's wound 10 days ago Morgan's wound today
September 13, 2007: About 3 weeks ago, Morgan was attacked by another dog in her own yard at the resort. The wound ended up being about 2 inches long and sealed with staples. The photo on the left is the way the wound looked ten days ago and the photo on the right is the way it looked today. It's looking much better and does not seem to bother Morgan at all.

We/ve moved to the lake
September 26, 2007: We've moved to the lake, space W7. The advantage is the bright sunlight, rather than under the trees, and sounds of the waterfowl. Unfortunately, there are still campers in the resort and it's much noisier that our spot on the hill from camper noises too.
stunt kite September 27, 2007: After flying my stunt kite at the Montague Rally I've done some research on kites. I've found that it can be quite a sport, one which I previously knew nothing about. A stunt kite is capable of kite ballet and is controlled with two lines. I found an online magazine with videos of kite ballet contest winners. These are amazing and has challanged me to get better at my stunt kite control. Maybe I can even get Gwen interested and we will try some kite ballet as we both get better.
September 28, 2007: Yesterday was 80 degrees and comfortable, today the high was 39 degrees and snowing. Does this happen only in Oregon? The photo above was taken at dusk just behind our new location on the lake, then I modified it using software called Photoshop.
September 30, 2007: The deck and table are prepared for the winter. I've prepared differently this year than last year. All the lawn furniture is stored under the tarp and inside the deck. This turned out to be about 6 hours of work, cleaning the area and tarping the deck, table and wood pile. Our deck and table are prepared for the winter
Golden Eagle October 1, 2007: Many days while commuting, this Golden Eagle is sitting on the fence posts about five miles from Howard Prairie Lake. The eagle does not seem to mind when cars whiz by but does not stay put while I idle by trying to take a photo. It takes flight every time. After several passes, this is the best photo I got. If the eagle is not sitting on a post while returning to the resort, he is missed.
October 3, 2007: This junction is only 3 miles from Howard Prairie Lake Resort. This gives you an idea of my commute each day. Ashland is 3,000 feet below this location and 19 miles away. From Ashland, I drive another 12 miles to Medford, but this last leg is on a fast moving freeway (Interstate 5). From this junction, I can get to Klamath Falls in less than one hour too. The junction of Dead Indian Memorial Rd and the road leading to Howard Prairie Lake Resort

Howard Prairie Lake at Dusk
October 4, 2007: This was to be a stormy evening. These clouds do not look threatening but the daytime temperature never reached 40 and we continued to get a dusting of snow.
Morgan visits the groomer October 5, 2007: I took Morgan to the groomer today for the first time in several months. We have been giving her baths but today was a day to visit Linda, the professional. Check out one of her special bath days in Medford.
October 6, 2007: Early this week I agreed to dogsit for Barley, a 4 year old male Golden on the right. I thought it would be a fun weekend with two Goldens. I was wrong, my friend Jennifer has own Barley only a month and apparently he has been ignored for the last four years. He is not well trained and I'm afraid to let Barley visits for the weekend
him off leash since he does not return well. Morgan has been with us since she was a puppy and behaves well both inside and outside our trailer. Jennifer will need to spend many hours with Barley to turn him into a dog pleasant to live with.
A motor home ramp for Yorkies. October 7, 2007: We have a new neighbor next door on the waterfront space. He has four little Yorkie dogs with him. He raises Yorkies so has many more at home. I watched him set up a ramp from the back of the motor home. The ramp begins at a doggie door hole in the side of the motor home and ends on the ground inside a fenced area. Apparently the Yorkies let themselves out to go to the bathroom or investigate what is happening outside. The ramp is carpeted because it is at a steep angle since the doggie door is about 3.5 feet off the ground.

Charlie Musselwhite
October 9, 2007: Gwen and I attended the Craterian this evening to listen to the Charlie Musselwhite concert. This was a blues concert with Charlie as one of the key performers. He is known for his blues harp performance. We enjoyed the concert but were too tired to really feel that we were hearing something great. We both had early days on Wednesday (October 10) and perhaps we were thinking of that rather than enjoying the blues.
October 10, 2007: Yesterday's storm brought one of the sailboats ashore at the resort. As it turns out, little damage was done and the boat was rescued today with the help of the resorts motorized barge. Yesterday's winds were said to be better than 50 MPH. A storm brings one of the sailboats ashore
An Erickson Air Crane picks up water from the lake
After drawing water from the lake,
October 11, 2007: Today an Erickson Air Crane, a heavy-lifter helicopter, was practicing water pickup on the lake then using the water canon to put out an imaginary fire. These heavy lift helicopters are sold all over the world and are manufactured right here in Medford.
Gwen found and photographed these October 12, 2007: Gwen found these today and liked them so much she photographed them. We usually get two sets of mushrooms each year. One set pops up in late April, early May and then another set pops up this time of year. You can click the photo to enlarge.
October 13, 2007: Gwen shares Huckleberry ice cream with her friend Lynn. Lynn is visiting from British Columbia, Canada for a couple of days. Lynn and her friend Gary are driving to Arizona to warm up. The whole time they visited, it was cold and wet at the resort, just like British Columbia this time of year. Lynn and Gwen enjoy sharing Huckleberry ice cream.
October 15, 2007: Only one more week and I will not be seeing this view any longer. I'm driving into the valley from the resort, next Sunday, we'll be moving back to Applegate. Note, I'm driving from clear skys into the fog of the valley. This is normal for the Rogue Valley in the winter.
Morgan gets boots October 17, 2007: OK, when winter weather arrives, the dog paws get dirty quickly and then that dirt comes into the trailer. We are trying dog-paw boots. After all, we take our shoes off when we come into the trailer, now Morgan can take her boots off too.
October 18, 2007: These last few days at the lake have brought colder weather, snow and the Canadian Geese to the lake. Our Internet satellite dish sits alone next to the geese. Our Internet Satelite dish with Canadian Geese exploring
Gwen gets ready to do the laundry surrounded by snow.
October 19 and 20, 2007: Gwen prepares to do the laundry after an all night snow storm. The snow continues on Saturday but the schooners have already been prepared for the winte weather.
The schooners are prepared for winter weather
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