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Howard Prairie Lake Resort
2007 Season in our RV
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June 29, 2007: The campground has filled with the holiday week approaching. Every space is full this weekend however, I've noticed many are leaving on Monday so we will likely get a new group for July 4. The campground is crowded for the July 4 week
June 30, 2007: There is lots of road riding to do here in the mountains. I enjoy road riding as much or more than mountain biking. Oregon does a good job of creating bike lanes, even in the mountains. This warning sign is to let motorists know that the bike lane is about to disappear so cyclists will be in their lane. I'll be turning off this road in about a mile onto a single lane paved road, lightly traveled, so my favorite. Click the photo to enlarge. Road riding in the mountains
Sparrows nearly ready to leave the nest June 2, 2007: I found this next today near the laundry room. The young Sparrows are nearly ready to leave the next. From all the noise the parents were making (flying behind me), they are probably ready for them to leave also. Click the photo to enlarge.
July 3, 2007: What does Morgan want to do on Independence Day? What does Morgan want to do on July 4?
Red, White and Blue Pancakes July 4, 2007: Here is a patriotic start to today's activities. The special was red, white and blue pancakes and they were very good. Nadine delivered the pancakes covered with blueberries, strawberries and whipped cream. Both Gwen and I enjoyed this patriotic breakfast before leaving the lake during the day for a hike.
July 8, 2007: Where the hell is Keno, Oregon? On the east side of Howard Prairie Lake is a single lane, paved road called the Keno Access Road. It is great for road riding because it is seldom traveled with gentle climbing (at least the part I currently ride) and great scenery. Riding the Keno Road
It makes a good daily workout ride of 18 miles around the lake. The Keno Access Road turns east, but I continue southwest to ride around the lake. It normally takes an hour and a quarter. Just right work back into condition for longer rides.
A visit from John, Lesa, Courtney and Dustin July 9, 2007: Today was very special for Gwen. We got a visit from her Grandchildren Dustin and Courtney. Gwen's daughter Lesa and Lesa's fiance, John brought the kids for a boat ride and dinner at the lake. John and Lesa are planning an April wedding. After the wedding, the family will be moving to Barstow, California where John is stationed in the Air Force.
July 11, 2007: Last evening and today, the summer storms have been passing over Howard Prairie Lake Resort. They have come with lightening but fortunately also cloud bursts of rain. Without the rain, we could have many fires around the lake. Click the photo to enlarge. We had some similar storms in 2005 and a short contest to vote on the best clouds. Here are some fabulous midwest storm photos. Summer Storm approaching Howard Prairie Lake
Cleaning the kayaks July 14, 2007: This is a day for bicycling, study for the college accounting class I'm taking and for cleaning the kayaks. We purchased these kayaks in August, 2003, then took them for a week off the coast of British Columbia. Since then, we've had very little time for kayaking.
We decided to clean them up this weekend and try to sell them. Now that they are clean, they actually look brand new. Now we are re-thinking selling them. It is fun to kayak, silently glide through the water looking for wildlife. There is only one method that I know of where we could carry our kayaks and tow the Cameo at the same time. My kayak is a few inches more than 18 feet, I was afraid it was too long to carry forward as shown in the method link. I measured the truck and have figured, we could actually carry the kayaks legally. I think we will invest in the Yakima Dry Dock and a 2 inch receiver under the front bumper of the truck. That means keeping the kayaks until we have time to use them. You can click the photo above for a larger view.
Views from the restaurant windows
July 15, 2007: The restaurant is only about 100 feet from the Howard Prairie Lake waters edge. The cool mountain weather, the water and the fact that the resort is less than one hour driving time from the hot valley make this restaurant a popular destination for the locals.
July 16, 2007: The road around the resort is covered with dirt and gravel making it dangerous to walk or ride a bike. I borrowed the resort backpack blower and attempted to clean the road. The resort was mostly empty but I still succeeded in getting some campers upset with dust blowing into their barbeque ... they were about 200 yards away but the wind helped too. Oh well, the street is clear now. Blowing dust into the neighbor's barbeque

Morning at the marina
July 18, 2007: Mist hangs over the lake this morning. Click on the photo to enlarge.
July 19, 2007: Every year, usually in September, we start to find cows on the road. This year, it's happening early, it think mostly because the fences are in such disrepair. Much if this land is considered open range so you must keep your eyes open anyway but this is the first year I've seen cows on the road this early in July.
July 21, 2007: We have decided to sell our sea kayaks. The plan is to advertise them and put signs on them while they are only a few feet from the marina office. We are asking $2,000 each, new they are $3,200 each. This is late in the season so I really don't expect to sell them. If they don't sell, we will invest in the rack parts to carry the boats over the hood of the truck as we saw while visiting the Grand Canyon last year. We decided to sell them because we aren't sure how much time we will have to kayak in the next few years.
July 29, 2007: This weekend is the Rogue Yacht Club Regatta. The club has several races during the two day event. It was nice to have a steady breeze for the club members. Many drove considerable distance to participate. Check out the activities from a previous year.
July 30, 2007: Can you believe this scene? Kayaking on Howard Prairie Lake lead me to the north shore where I found these water plants to paddle through. They seem never ending once you start into the pink pads. Not thinking about it, they soon started humming at me. Yes, I could hear the humming all around me. It turns out the honey bees had also found this to be a great scene. Fortunately, they were willing to share. Click the photo to enlarge. Kayaking on Howard Prairie Lake
Captain Morgan on the Lake August 2, 2007: Today was Gwen's day off so she took Morgan for a tour of the lake in a Prairie Belle. Morgan loves this. She gets to swim, play in the mud on the shore, chase fish. Gwen's enjoys this time too. She gets to relax and read while sipping on a soda.

The truck use to seem big until I washed the trailer first.
August 5, 2007: After washing the trailer, the truck seems small and quick to wash. The truck was the vehicle I always dreaded to wash because it was so large, but now, it's the trailer I dread.
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