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Midterm-Update of
RV Living Experiment

So what have we discovered as disadvantages to our full time RV mountain living? A huge number-one for me is TIME. I expected to have more time to recreate and enjoy the area where we are living. The tasks that use up my time are: 1)Work- My employer goes to a four day work week during the summer months so that helps but I still leave the RV at 6:30 am each morning and am unable to return until about the same time each evening. That's 12 hours away from the resort. The commute is still only 45 minutes one way just as it was from Grants Pass but it seems longer since it is on a winding mountain road where I must be conscious while the Grants Pass commute is on a freeway where I am only semi-conscious. I figure they are both equally dangerous because I am always in danger of hitting a deer in the mountains or another semi-conscious commuter on the freeway. 2)Other jobs - I have still not given up several of the products from the corporation I owned before going back to working for a wage and those products can take up time when preparing and shipping orders.
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3)Laundry takes time away from recreation. It can no longer be done while watching television because we don't have a television and we don't have a washer/dryer in the RV. 4)Writing this Webpage takes time away from recreation. 5) Finally, riding a bike takes time away from kayaking which takes time away from hiking ... such a dilemma.

Gwen is also struggling with not having enough time to recreate. She works so hard at the resort that she is often too tired to do much else afterward but this schedule will likely change soon and she still enjoys

the people she works with. She still says everyday how much she enjoys living at the lake ... apparently it's the atmosphere which dilutes the work-load.

For me, the commute to work has become a negative even though it is the same length as the commute from Grants Pass. Is it harder on the car with much more braking and tight turns down the mountain it will cause much more maintenance for the vehicle.

Gwen and I have not been able to do many activities together. She has only one day off which is at the same time as my days off. I'd say this is a disadvantage if you must work, not a disadvantage for full time RV living. Many of my Howard Praire Lake Resort Marina

sports, like mountain biking, are done at a level where I enjoy doing it alone so I'm not getting bored waiting for Gwen to get off work anyway. We expect this to change as the season slows.

Ok ... a huge disadvantage is not having access to the Internet from home. I'll mention more about this on the next page.

The nearest grocery store is 20 miles and 3,500 feet below the resort. Again, not a negative for full time RV living but somewhat of a disadvantage to living high in the mountains. Since I commute to work each day, I can usually stop for supplies.

Our cell phones don't work well at the resort. They switch from digital to analog which drains the battery faster if we don't leave them plugged in. The signal is also so weak that we can hear the caller when they call us but they can't hear us. This problem along with not having the Internet means we are not as well connected as we were in Grants Pass.

I have some major stationary woodworking tools (like a table saw) at home in Grants Pass. There are a number of projects I'd like to complete for the RV which will require these tools and can't be completed until I return home. I see this as a major disadvantage for any man who is used to completing woodworking projects in his garage.

Our trailer only has 30 amp service. 30 Amps is a limit at times.

We miss our hot tub at home.

Morgan must be tied outside when we leave, she doesn't at home. Annie has a cat-door at home so we don't have to open the door for her.

I don't have as nice a music system in the trailer as I do at home.

There isn't as much room in the trailer to spread out computer office equipment such as printers, scanners or desk space.

Note that I have not mentioned, not having a comfortable place to sit. At first we did not like the hide-a-bed couch nor the two recliners which came with the coach. We eventually removed both and replaced them with our love-seat from home and a desk with office chair for a computer station. Now we are comfortable.

Do any of these disadvantages seem terrible to you? They don't to me. My children asked me about "privacy". Can I get enough private time without Gwen in only 300 square feet. Since there is a door between the bedroom area and living area, there have been times when one of use is sleeping or reading while the other is doing something different in the other room. And, since we are both working, we get plenty of "away" time that privacy has not been a problem. I have to wonder what it might be like if we were both "retired" and living together 24 hours each day. I doubt that it would be a problem.

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