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November Kings on the Road RV Club Rally

Beaudry RV Resort
On November 4, Gwen and I flew to Tucson, Arizona to participate in the Kings on the Road National RV Camping Club rally. We were able to attend the last three days of the rally. This was our first rally to attend together. I attended the Great North American RV Rally in Redmond, Oregon during the summer but Gwen could not attend. The GNARVR had about 15,000 trailers attending, the KOTR rally had 80. But you can't believe how much fun the travelers in 80 trailers can have. We had vendors where you could spend time actually talking with them and getting answers. We also had representatives from the King of the Road factory with answers to our
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  Dale on top of Verne and Linda's KOTR

questions. Every evening we had great food and entertainment.

The rally was at Beaudry RV Resort and Rally Park in the center of Tucson. It was 82-84 degrees each day, so perfect weather. This was our first trip to Arizona and we are looking forward to returning with our own fifth wheel.

To take the overview photos of the trailers parked at the resort, I got permission to climb to the top of Verne's fifth wheel (above). Verne is the clubs publicity officer.

Gwen loved all the cactus. This was planted by a gardener but we saw plenty of wild cactus too.

Gwen loves the cactus
  The King on the Road line up at Beaudry RV Resort
Cacktus Everywhere Just before returning to the airport, Dave, the club President and Ruth Anne drove us into the surrounding mountains for a quick tour.
I'm glad they took us on a quick tour, because if they hadn't we would have missed the wild cactus ... something we don't see in Oregon, at least, our part of Oregon.
Gwen Likes Cactus
No RV's allowed on this road

No RV's or trucks allowed on this road ... it becomes very narrow and steep as it climbs over the top then down to Tucson.

The last photo below shows Tucson in the distance as we drive toward Tucson and the airport to depart for Oregon.

Cactus Everywhere
  Tucson in the Distance
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