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My Mother's 80th Birthday

80th Birthday

November 13, 2005: Today is my Mother's 80th birthday. As you can see, she does not look 80. My sister, Sandy is on the left, then my Father, Dale, Mother, Doris, Sister Dorana and myself, Dale, Jr. Happy Birthday, Mom!

We celebrated the birthday at my sister Dorana's house near Sacramento, California. Sandy fixed the Lasagna and a wonderful home baked carrot cake. I brought the wine. :-)

November 10, 2007: The family gathers near Sacramento to celebrate my Mother's birthday. The party will happen tomorrow at my Sister's house. I'm standing on the left next to Kim, Ben's wife, my son Ben is next, then my sister Sandy, Mom, son - Joe, sister Dorana and finally my father. The family gathering for my Mother's birthday
Doris get some great birthday gifts November 11, 2007: Today is the celebration of my Mother's birthday. She got many nice gifts and lot's of good food. Weather was perfect after a day of rain yesterday.
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